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A calcutta auction is the most exciting way to enjoy and participate in March Madness. For those uninitiated the idea is fairly simple. You and your buddies get together and auction off each of the 64 teams in the tournament to the highest bidder. Each team wins a percentage of the overall prizepool according to how many wins they have in the tournament. The overall prizepool is determined by the total amout bid during the auction.

Start a league today, invite your friends and find out why this is the best way to enjoy the college basketball season.

Owners Note: March 3rd, 2016

I originally started this site as a way to help a group of my friends manage our own calcutta auction for the 2014 NCAA tournament. I thought I would continue to develop the site as a more robust system that anyone could use to manage a calcutta auction of any type. While I still think this could potentially happen in the future, it is not in my immediate plans. I started a seperate site ( that has taken off and consumes all of my time at this point.

The good news is, my group of friends still uses this site to manage our NCAA Mens Basketball auction each year, so the software will function for anyone else who wants to make their own private group. The teams will be updated after selection Sunday, and the scores will be input after each game. Their is no cost for this, but there are also no warranties.

If you have more questions, I will try to respond to them if you email me through my FantasyCruncher email address. david (at)


What does do?

We provide an online software solution for managing a calcutta or tournament style auction. Every user can follow along with the action as the auction and tournament unfolds. Easy money management and analysis is provided to all members of your league.

Is this only for March Madness?

Coming very soon will be the ability to host any type of calcutta auction including; Golf Tournaments, Tennis Tournaments, NASCAR, World Cup Futbol, Pool Tournaments, and any other custom tournament you can think of.

What if I dont want to host a live auction?

Hosting an auction entirely online will be completely possible using This part of the software is currently under development and will be available in mid April 2014.

I want to run an auction what do I need to know?

Once you signup for a free league you can explore the software and there will be some helpful information to get you started. Really all you need is a few friends to bid on teams and the rest is pretty easy.

I want join a league, how do I do that?

If you received and email invitation with a link, click on the link, sign up for a user account and then enter the league name and password.

What if I dont have any friends?

If you do not have any friends, we feel bad for you. However, we do have a solution in the works, Open Auction Leagues. Coming soon you will be able to join an open auction league and bid on teams with other fantasy owners for various sporting events.

Can you fully explain a calcutta auction?

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